Welcome to 
 Tarvin Methodist Church
a growing church ...building a family
Flowers courtesy of Doreen de Cani

Great News !

Our regular Sunday Morning Worship


Our next SERVICE
Sunday 1st August at 11am
will be led by Mr Phil Morrey

You are no longer required to contact us if you are planning to attend - just come along

All are Welcome!

Wearing of Facemasks still preferred
throughout the service,
and singing is now allowed

You will be asked to:
     wear a face mask; 
     use hand sanitiser on way in;
     provide your contact details;
allow the seating steward to show you to your allocated seat;
     put your coat on back of chair if you need to remove it;
        please leave only when instructed by the seating steward;
     please place any donations in the collection plate on your way out of church;
     please walk away from the building to avoid blocking

Thank you for your co-operation