The Journey has begun ...

Mary, Joseph and Holly the Donkey have begun their journey around Tarvin.

If you spot them - please take a photo and send to our facebook page with your name


Tarvin Churches Working together

In Central America the Posada follows Mary, Joseph and their donkey on their journey to Bethlehem and Christmas. The word Posada means ‘Inn’ and represents the stay each night in a house or Inn on the journey through Advent.
Throughout December you will find our Mary, Joseph and their donkey somewhere in our village of Tarvin on their journey to Bethlehem.
Will you spot them?
Will they be in a garden in your street, or in someone’s front window, perhaps in a local shop, or even visiting the school?
You can follow their journey to Christmas as the move round the village from place to place each day.
Will you manage to find them every day throughout Advent?
This Tarvin Posada Facebook page will record their journey with photographs, stories and all the locations where they have stayed.
You can be part of their journey……If you could offer a window, a front porch, or a suitable place for them to be found for one day and one night of their travels then contact us now.
We are looking for 23 different places for them to stay!
May be a cartoon