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Sent: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 13:14:25 +0100 (BST)

Subject: Dial a Reflection

Dear All, I have been setting something new up - Dial a Reflection! The reflections I wrote for each Sunday up to Pentecost, sent out via email and printed copies for those I didn't have emails for, you can now phone 01829 708930 and listen to this Sunday's reflection. It will stay there for the week and I will going forward record the others for the following Sundays - and beyond if people think this is worthwhile,

particularly for those who wouldn't normally be able to get to church because of health, work or being away. I would love to hear your views! Please pass the number to anyone you think may appreciate listening to the reflections, particularly house bound members. Share it with church members or anyone in the community who may benefit from hearing someone's voice! I've not shared it further than this email, so pastoral visitors, if you have contact with others on the church pastoral list, do feel free to mention this to them. It means people at the moment have the opportunity to listen and read the reflections. Phone number: 01829 708930 Love and prayers to you all. --- Blessings

(Rev Jo Brown)

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