Sunday services in the church



The people of Tarvin Methodist Church meet together in the main church at 11am every Sunday morning for a service led by a Methodist Local Preacher or Minister. One service a month includes the sacrament of Holy Communion, led by a Minister (Presbyter).

The main hymn book used is Singing the Faith. NIV Bibles are available for all members of the congregation.

A news sheet is published every week. If you would like to receive a copy please visit the weekly notice section of our website, to browse or download the current notices.

The space used for worship on a Sunday is used extensively during the week for a variety of different activities (you can find details on other pages). This space comfortably seats around 90, and the chairs can be set out in a variety of ways. The chapel is considered by the villagers to be one of the main hubs of the community. It is a very well maintained building and has a warm and welcoming feel to it.

Please feel free to come along and join in the worship at Tarvin - and sense the presence of God in the midst of Christian fellowship and worship.

Tea and coffee always follow the service, in the coffee lounge adjacent to the chapel.